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Leverage your own data to generate business insights.

Spanish Point solutions allow you to think big whilst starting small, taking steps toward becoming a connected enterprise. Focus on delivering quick time to insights for each business problem. The solution is a predictive model that can help transform an organization towards a data-driven, connected enterprise.

Today’s Enterprise Data Warehouse centric architecture is evolving to the Big Data Management System – both on-premise, on the Cloud, or in hybrid Cloud systems. This is revolutionising company’s information management architecture.

Spanish Point help deliver the vision for innovative new technologies for building your companies information architecture for today and tomorrow.

Here is a video of the Power BI solution we built for NTPF (National Treatment Purchase Fund).

Spanish Point customers have managed to take the mystery out of big data and leverage their data resources to produce better business outcomes, including:

  • Better leverage your data resources to create value
  • Enhance competitiveness
  • Drive smart, timely business decisions
  • Provide greater, faster insight through data visualizations

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